Fight against global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Notice :

Multiple objectives:

Fight against global warming.
Fight against greenhouse gas emissions.
Counteract the ozone layer problem.
Produce green electrical energy.
Produce drinking water from rainwater.
Create a protective shield against harmful UV (waiting for confirmation).

The tower should be able to form a protective dome against the increasing UV rays of the sun on the planet. The tower can be energy self-sufficient and produce more energy than it consumes: positive energy. Green energy + drinking water. For the less wealthy countries: a simplified version with a bamboo structure is possible.

The Mulo Tower 3D The Mulo Tower 3D solar palm The Mulo Tower 3D full solar palm
The Mulo Tower 3D full palm solar half wind The Mulo-Thémis Tower 3D The Mulo-Thémis Tower solar
The Mulo-Thémis Tower City solar The Muhleisen Tower 3D La Tour Muhleisen Sun Power
The Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 360 The Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 360 green The Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 368
The Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 369

1) Mulo tower in basic version
Advantages: low manufacturing costs, good resistance to storms with a retractable canvas (in yellow in the image).

2) Mulo Tower in solar version
Advantages: average manufacturing costs, quite good resistance to storms with a retractable canvas (in yellow in the image) and folding fins.

3) Mulo Tower in full solar version
Advantages: high production of electricity.
Inconveniences: high manufacturing costs, a retractable fin version is possible, but will be expensive to manufacture. Low resistance to storms.

4) Mulo Tower in integral solar and reduced wind version
Advantages: fairly high electricity production and reduction of noise pollution, ideal for urban areas, the noise level can be lower than the noise levels of traffic (cars, trucks, etc.).
Inconveniences: rather high manufacturing costs, a retractable fin version is possible, but will be expensive to manufacture. Low / medium storm resistance.

5) Mulo-Themis Tower in basic version
Advantages: Longer lifespan compared to photovoltaic panels, ideal in urban areas for on-site thermal energy production (hot water). Low manufacturing costs. Acceptable storm resistance.

6) Mulo-Themis Tower in solar version
Advantages: Good energy mix, triple energy production systems (wind - thermal solar - photovoltaic solar), ideal in urban areas for thermal energy production on site (hot water). Average manufacturing costs. Acceptable storm resistance.

7) Mulo-Themis Tower City in solar version
Advantages: Reduction of noise pollution with a vertical wind turbine of the Darrieus type. Good energy mix, triple energy production systems (wind - thermal solar - photovoltaic solar), ideal in urban areas for thermal energy production on site (hot water). Average manufacturing costs. Acceptable storm resistance.

8) The Muhleisen Tower first version
The tower is able to use the energy of a river to transform it into electricity or raw mechanical force for industry or crafts. It has a first 100% natural water filtration system and it is able to produce additional electricity when it rains heavily with the Mulo Gutter from the water collected in the parabola. Reduction of noise pollution with a Darrieus type vertical wind turbine. Good energy mix, quadruple energy production systems (wind - solar thermal - solar photovoltaic - hydroelectric or hydromechanical). Average manufacturing costs. Acceptable storm resistance.

10) The Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 360
Close to The Muhleisen Tower Sun Power.
Advantages: The efficiency of the wind turbine has been increased by the addition of a triple magnetized mast in 360° rotation by a double gear system.

11) Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 360 green version
Close to the Muhleisen Sun Power 360 Tower.
Changes: The parabola to reflect the sun's rays towards the sphere has been extended in order to reflect more light towards the wind turbine and thus increase the "solar wind" effect. A second Mulo gutter has been added, because the "parabolic water tank" is larger in case of heavy rains.

12) Muhleisen Sun Power 368 Tower
Close to the Muhleisen Sun Power 360 green version Tower.
Changes: An electrical resistance in the shape of a halo has been added under the sphere to allow the sphere to be heated at times to activate the mechanism. Mulo gutters (low production cost) of overflows were added to the ends of the dish to recover energy in the event of heavy rains.

13) Muhleisen Sun Power 369 Tower
Close to the Muhleisen Sun Power 368 Tower.
Changes: A closed-circuit cold water tank was added under the tower to increase the efficiency of the Peltier cells and Stirling engine, in the process ensuring the strength of the tower structure for storms. All Mulo gutters have been replaced by Mulo Robert Boyle gutters with Leonardo da Vinci wheel, to increase their efficiency: when the rain stops, the gutter continues to produce electricity.

The Mulo Tower front view The Mulo Tower seen from above The Mulo Tower extension of the tower
The Mulo Tower Themis The Mulo Tower City Themis The Muhleisen Tower (first version)
The Muhleisen Tower Sun Power

Further information :

The solar panel should be rotatable 180° or 360° to follow the course of the sun. Depending on the geographical location of the Mulo Tower, it could also be tilted to a perpendicular angle of 90° to have a better performance when the sun is at the zenith. However, this remains an option, as it will make the installation of the panel more expensive and less resistant.

Located in a non-urban area, the wind turbine can be large.

Depending on the desired water quality, the UV filtration system can be supplemented with a reverse osmosis water filtration type system.

The effectiveness of the UV protection dome by a water mist remains to be demonstrated. I called on more qualified specialists and with better technical means. If you have any information on this subject, please let me know (contact@onmyweb.fr). However, this system should, in all cases, be able to regulate the quantity of water and sun which arrives at the ground, it is interesting for the vegetation and / or the agriculture.

To increase the production of solar electric energy, it is possible to build a Mulo Tower with photovoltaic panels on the fins.

The Mulo-Themis Tower is inspired by thermodynamic solar power plants of the Thémis type EDF (Targassonne, France) a parabolic mirror reflects the sun's rays in the direction of the sphere located at the top of the tower. This sphere contains a thermal liquid (for example oil) which stores thermal energy (heat). This energy can then be used to heat water, for example. We therefore have hot water production. The heat can also be stored in the central pillar via the thermal liquid. This system has a more interesting yield, a lower energy loss, in comparison to the system [solar photovoltaic > electric resistance]. This tower is also able to collecting rainwater in order to filter it and / or redistribute it and / or heat it. For ecological, practical and financial reasons, the thermal liquid can also consist only of water.

Vertical type wind turbines can be interesting in urban areas because they are quieter.

3 vertical wind turbine models

Depending on local needs, solar panels can be the latest generation of transparent solar panels that allow some light to pass through. Ideally with UV filtering glass for protection below the panels.

The Mulo gutter (plan in progress) is a gutter that makes it possible to produce electricity when it rains with small hydraulic turbines (water dynamo) over its entire height.

The Mulo-City Tower has a quieter vertical wind turbine for city constructions.

The Muhleisen Tower with a high water wheel to produce electricity like a water mill, the wheel will also be able to recover part of the water to filter it and make it drinkable. Raw mechanical force can also be used for industry (such as grinding flour, cutting wood, spinning fabric, ect.). To be built near a river with a relatively stable flow. This tower which should bring together all the previous technologies could be equipped with a triple water filtration system: 1. A large wooden tank with aquatic plants and mechanical filters of the fabric type burlap and fine wire mesh at the bottom to filter out large pieces. 2 and 3 reverse osmosis filters and UV filter if possible in fine glass pipes. For the water supply of the water wheel, two systems are possible to adapt to the variable flow of a river. An articulated arm system to position the wheel at the right level on the river or the construction of a small bypass canal with a dam system for the water retention (a simple wooden board may be sufficient). The Peltier cells of the Darrieus wind turbine mast could be placed inside the mast for heat recovery via the thermal liquid located in the mast under the sphere.

The Muhleisen Sun Power Tower replaces the Peltier cells on the fins of the wind turbine with a different material such as mirror or shiny metal. In this way it should be possible to use a physical effect called "solar wind": the rays of the sun concentrated in the parabola will provide additional energy to turn the wind turbine. Convenient in case of lack of wind. We can consider a small removable external motor to start the movement of the wind turbine which should then continue with the energy of the sun and the "solar wind" effect. In all cases, it will be necessary to set up an excellent rolling system, at the cutting edge of technology to limit the frictional forces on the wind turbine and thus make the installation profitable in terms of production. This system can undoubtedly work correctly with vertical wind turbines of the Darrieus H or Darrieus Helicoidal type, which undoubtedly have a shape more suited to capturing the sun's rays. (the 3D diagram on this page keeps the classic Darrieus wind turbine, but it may not be the most suitable).
It remains to test and demonstrate which system will produce the most electricity in the end. Peltier cells or the solar wind. Maybe a mix of the two technologies: Shiny Peltier cells?

A system of repelling magnets has also been added to the Sun Power version of the Muhleisen Tower. Perhaps this system should increase the efficiency of the wind turbine.

The efficiency of the "solar wind" may be very low, perhaps less than 1% more efficiency, but on a global scale it can have a big impact, which is worth it.

For the Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 360, the choice was made of a dual-gear system (to be tested). The main gear located under the main mast of the wind turbine drives 3 different smaller gears at an angle of approximately 90°. On each of these smaller gears is a triple magnetized poles in 360° rotation which will be inserted as the blades of the wind turbine pass, without touching it.

Regarding the anti-UV shield which should work with a large mist sprayer, it might be interesting to add a low concentration of Aloe Vera in the water. The objective would therefore be to slow down UV rays a little more and perhaps in the process protect the skin of people located below from the harmful effects of the sun. To test to see if it works or not. This solution undoubtedly also has many drawbacks.

The energy of the Mulo gutters can be enough to heat the sphere in the morning for example or when it rains.

The use of foggers on Mulo Towers and Muhleisen Towers can serve to protect the vegetation below, make trees and plants grow faster and more efficiently and thus store more CO2, which is positive for the atmosphere of our planet.

Once again, I call on specialists more qualified than me in this field for the choice of the mechanism. Other alternatives are possible:

At the level of the magnetic masts it would perhaps be interesting to add a mechanical system which pushes and brings the masts together a bit like the machine guns of the First World War which made it possible to fire between the blades of the propeller without touching the propeller. It could be a Vickers machine gun type mechanism, principle of the mechanism invented by Anthony Fokker.

Another system would be a hydraulic system with "reciprocating" pistons, the goal always being to save electrical energy and have a profitable tower.

Or a computer-controlled system to calculate the spacing of the magnet masts as the blades of the wind turbine pass.

We could also implement the system used on the fans that we find in all homes and shops, the system that allows the fan blades to turn and with a single motor to also make the fan oscillate, this ingenious mechanism could be useful on a Muhleisen Tower Sun Power 360 in terms of the mast/wind mechanism on the Tower. There is also a similar system on some helicopters between the main rotor and the tail rotor to prevent the two rotors from coming into contact.

The frictional forces present in the diagram of the double gear, perhaps make the installation of the magnetic masts inefficient in terms of efficiency. Therefore, you may need to consider a pneumatic / hydraulic or ball bearing system to replace the current gear system. In order to limit the friction forces as much as possible. At this point, we lose the synchronization induced by the gear, but we can perhaps afford to have random contact between the magnetic masts and the blades of the wind turbine. To see, to test. A freewheel system like on bicycles could also be interesting in one or two places. A computer control system for the removal or reconciliation of the magnet masts may be of interest as well, depending on the wind / sun conditions and the overall reaction of the structure to the various elements.

Note that in theory, only the blades of the Darrieus wind turbine are supposed to turn and not the mast, which makes the diagrams of the double gear in version 1 and 2 a little imprecise. But we can also consider rotating the mast if we find sufficient mechanical energy to rotate and therefore install a double system of electricity generator.

The use of several electromagnets could be the simplest solution to set up, but not necessarily the least expensive in energy. However, depending on the reaction of the structure (difficult to predict), the use of electromagnets intermittently will perhaps be interesting, or even essential.

Zoom on the Double Gear Mechanism

Zoom on the Double Gear Mechanism (version 2)

Zoom on the Double Gear Mechanism (version 3)

Zoom on the Double Gear Mechanism (version 4)

Zoom on the Double Gear Mechanism (version 5)

Zoom on the level 1 filtration tank

Read ecological, health and social requirements desired by the inventor.

General information :

The problem of increasing UV in the world is a major problem, we have been talking about 10% for 50 years. It is also important to know that the number of skin cancer has doubled every 10 years in all countries of the world, since 1945.

The ozone layer has greatly deteriorated in recent years, scientists do not envisage a return to normal until 2060 or 2070, hoping that the situation will improve.

The fossil resources we use to produce our energy and electricity are in limited supply and rapidly declining, as shown in this informative table:

World reserves of fossil fuels
source : mappi.net

"97% of scientists on the planet who are competent in climate matters agree that there is indeed global warming and that this phenomenon is of human origin." For 100 years, the average temperature of the planet has increased by about 2 °C, the temperature continues to rise more and more rapidly. Corals that have been on Earth for thousands of years are rapidly disappearing. A recent study by 300 scientists showed that we just lost 14% of the world's corals in just 10 years. The ecosystem of corals and algae is dying while it represents about 70% of the production of our oxygen (vital for humans) on our beautiful planet.

The future depends only on us. Knowledge always belongs to everyone.

Our planet needs all available human resources.

Share, use and develop these inventions. Take part in the world of tomorrow.

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