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Produce electricity continuously.

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The ambitious objective is to produce electricity continuously, without using fossil fuels and without emitting pollution. With a low production cost, simple and economical maintenance, this system can be mass produced for a large production of electrical energy. Construction plans may seem complex, but the principle of operation is simple:

Use the force of Earth's gravity and a small amount of water in a closed circuit to run 1, 2 or 3 electric generators and therefore produce electricity for a very low production cost in almost unlimited quantities. Depending on the different options, in some cases the system may sometimes consume a small amount of electricity. What is important is that the installation is profitable and produces more electricity than it consumes. To test...

[Project progress: Finalization of construction plans and search for investors]

The Muhleisen Turbine version 6

On the Muhleisen Turbine version 6, a spring located at the bottom right of the structure stretches when the structure oscillates to the right and will relax suddenly, a bit like the springs of "flippers" to launch the ball. There will then be a catapult effect which will send the water to the other side of the structure, to the left and thus continue the perpetual cycle. For reasons of reliability and longevity of the structure, it is possible to consider replacing this spring with an equivalent compressed air piston system.

The Muhleisen Turbine version 5

The Muhleisen Turbine fourth version

The Muhleisen Turbine third version

The Muhleisen Turbine second version

The Muhleisen Turbine first version

Advice for the structure: For the mass production of turbine, commercial quantity after the prototypes, it would be interesting to use noble materials: glass for the structure and perhaps a polished stone for the ball. In order to limit pollution during production.

The Muhleisen Turbine version hydrogen 1

The Muhleisen Turbine version hydrogen 2

The Muhleisen Turbine version hydrogen 3

The Muhleisen Turbine version hydrogen future
For Muhleisen Turbines which produce hydrogen, it will undoubtedly be interesting to connect several turbines together at the hydrogen outlets, so as to have a sufficient quantity and power to be able to do something with it (heat / work / electricity) continuously.

For Muhleisen turbines which consume a small quantity of water, it would be interesting to couple these turbines for the production of purified fresh water with a system of the HELIO by MarineTech or l'Eliodomestico by Gabriele Diamanti .

For the installation of the ball which acts as a pendulum at the top of the structure, several choices are possible:

- a marble.
- a simple pendulum.
- a Newton's pendulum.
- a perpetual movement mechanism such as: Kinetic Pendulum, Ball and levers or Ball and Pendulum.

Le Pendule de Newton
Newton's pendulum.

Le mécanisme Ball and levers
The Ball and levers mechanism.

Le mécanisme Kinetic Pendulum
The Kinetic Pendulum Mechanism.

Le mécanisme Ball and Pendulum
The Ball and Pendulum mechanism.

Watch a video showcasing 40 perpetual motion machines .

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Read ecological, health and social requirements desired by the inventor.

General information :

The problem of increasing UV in the world is a major problem, we have been talking about 10% for 50 years. It is also important to know that the number of skin cancer has doubled every 10 years in all countries of the world, since 1945.

The ozone layer has greatly deteriorated in recent years, scientists do not envisage a return to normal until 2060 or 2070, hoping that the situation will improve.

The fossil resources we use to produce our energy and electricity are in limited supply and rapidly declining, as shown in this informative table:

World reserves of fossil fuels
source : mappi.net

"97% of scientists on the planet who are competent in climate matters agree that there is indeed global warming and that this phenomenon is of human origin." For 100 years, the average temperature of the planet has increased by about 2 °C, the temperature continues to rise more and more rapidly. Corals that have been on Earth for thousands of years are rapidly disappearing. A recent study by 300 scientists showed that we just lost 14% of the world's corals in just 10 years. The ecosystem of corals and algae is dying while it represents about 70% of the production of our oxygen (vital for humans) on our beautiful planet.

The future depends only on us. Knowledge always belongs to everyone.

Our planet needs all available human resources.

Share, use and develop these inventions. Take part in the world of tomorrow.

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